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What is Bee Pollen?

Bee pollen is a ball of pollen made by young bees when they land on a flower.

It’s a mixture of pollen, saliva, and nectar or honey. Bees carry these balls back to the hive in sacs on their legs and store them in the hive’s honeycomb. The pollen then ferments into “bee bread,” which feeds a bee colony.

Beekeepers collect pollen from bees by keeping a thick comb in the entrance of their hives. When bees pass through it, it knocks the pollen off their legs into a collection bin below. The bees then must go out to collect more pollen.

Recently, bee pollen has gained traction in the health community because it’s loaded with nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, lipids and over 250 active substances.  Bee pollen has an impressive nutritional profile.

Bee pollen in its natural form comes as small pellets, crunchy when dried to remove moisture.

You can add it to foods like yogurt, oatmeal, or smoothies. It can be ground down as a supplement powder.


The following 10 benefits may be experienced by taking bee pollen.

1. An energy boost

The fantastic cocktail of nutrients within bee pollen makes it the ideal source of energy. It contains proteins and vitamins with lots of healthy carbohydrates. Bee pollen eliminates feelings of tiredness and improves your stamina in many ways. It works by providing carbohydrates as a short-term energy boost.

It adds proteins and prepares your body for future challenges. Pollen makes your body better now and in the long-term because proteins are the building blocks of organisms

2. Soothing the skin

Bee pollen is a part of various skin treatments and has been for ages. It does wonders for both cosmetic and health conditions of the skin. You can treat conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, and infections.

Additionally, you can add valuable amino acids and vitamins to your skin’s surface, helping you regenerate dead cells faster. Also, your skin will breathe better. You will look a lot younger and fight infections off better.

3. Breathing help

Did you know that you can treat asthma using bee pollen? That’s right. By adding it to your diet, you add antioxidants to your body. They have an especially beneficial effect on the lungs. The antioxidants fight any potential or existing inflammation. Better breathing is only one benefit.

When you breathe better, you give your body more oxygen. This notion means every process in the body speeds up, helping everything from weight loss to fighting diseases.

4. The enemy of all allergies

Histamine is a substance that lurks within the body. It is the main culprit of many annoying allergies. It causes you to have serious health problems and significantly impacts your quality of life. In recent years, researchers made a startling discovery.

Not only does bee pollen help with allergies, but it does so in a grand yet efficient way. According to one study, 94% of all subjects with allergies benefited from ingesting pollen. They never experienced allergy problems again and continued having the powder in their diet. Respiratory diseases fear bee pollen — it’s their worst enemy

5. A digestion boost

By adding bee pollen to your diet, you give your body the unique chance to have an efficient digestive tract. How do you do that? It’s simple; bee pollen contains lots of valuable enzymes that work wonders.

Bee pollen helps your intestines and the rest of your body get all the necessary nutrients from food. Add that to the existing protein, vitamins, and minerals, and you’ll get a formidable combo. This addition will significantly improve your body. You’ll be thankful later.

6. Immunity was never higher

What can’t bee pollen do? Anything is possible. It improves intestinal flora. It improves the bacteria-antibody balance in your body, so you’ll be much safer from incoming diseases and infections.

It’s a natural remedy, and bee pollen-based medicine is a regular part of therapies. It has an antibiotic effect on the body and fights off any attacking virus or microbe. Antioxidants within it also do their job in protecting the cells and maintaining order in the organism.

7. Eradicates addictions

Addictions are all about cravings and the urge created by your body out of habit. When you eat sweets and consume narcotics or alcohol, you find it hard to stop. Bee pollen can aid you with this, as it eliminates these negative impulses. It restores hormonal balance and removes the need for such substances.

This concept is a relatively unproven benefit of bee pollen. However, several studies support this claim, and they use bee pollen in many rehab centers. Both natural powder and pollen-based medicine helps improve lives.

8. A cardiovascular boom

Bee pollen offers benefits for every facet of your health. Cardiovascular health is affected by this magical super-food. The reason for that is ruin – an essential antioxidant bioflavonoid. It makes blood vessels stronger and improves blood circulation.

Not only that, but it also corrects existing health issues and helps you move on from them. It removes excess cholesterol and destroys even the smallest blood clots and blockages. It’s crucial to add bee pollen to your diet to ensure health even at an old age.

9. Better prostate health

The prostate is one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. Problems accumulate as the body ages. One of the most common prostate problems is prostate hyperplasia. Pain, inflammation, and frequent urination are some common symptoms.

Bee pollen is useful in combating any inflammation. It can eradicate prostate hyperplasia and prevents it from reoccurring. It’s an investment for the future, too.

10. Treating Infertility

Bee pollen has specific properties that improve ovarian function. It can correct fertility problems that have persisted for decades. Chances of getting pregnant increase when you take a small amount of bee pollen on a regular basis. Several studies have shown changes in fertility levels due to bee pollen.

Not only that, but bee pollen also boosts hormone levels and increases your libido. If you have problems with your sex life, try bee pollen. Both you and your partner will be healthier, and you will have more fun than ever.

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